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Awaken The Force Within You

Just like the Kyber crystals in Star Wars, crystals can help awaken your inner power and help you connect deeper with the Force. We are all made of stardust and have so much potential and love within to share. Shine your light and make a difference in this world! Use code BRIGHTSTAR for 20% off all crystals […]

Shooting Star Crystal Sale

A sign from the divine. Crystals help awaken your soul and hold memories of lifetimes past. Listen to your soul. You are love, you are light. When working with crystals, use your intuition and choose a crystal that your heart calls out to. The Shooting Star Sale is on now! Use code COMET for 20% […]

Expand Your Collection with The Black Friday Sale

Get the crystals you’ve been scoping in the shop and gift your loved ones with a meaningful energetic crystal ally to illuminate the soul!  Visit the shop to see new and recently listed rare crystals and unique jewelry treasures. *Code expires 11/29/16 and is valid on new purchases only. Cannot be applied to past or […]

Crystal Rock Star Instagram Photo Challenge

Hey all you crystal rockers out there who love their crystals! Join the Crystal Rock Star Instagram Photo Challenge this October. Here’s your chance to get creative and show off your favorite crystals. Participate daily with your photo posts and get a chance to win crystal prizes! It’s easy! Here’s how: Follow @crystalrockers on Instagram to […]

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