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Crystal Oceanariums – Ocean Decor for Surfers and Mermaids

Ocean Love Month’s First Week Release: Your Own Pocket Ocean Keep the ocean close to your heart with the Crystal Oceanarium Collection Crystal Oceanariums are mini ocean decor jars that have a hand curated collection of crystals and ocean treasures like blue titanium kyanite, titanium smokey quartz, titanium rainbow coral and baby starfish! If you’re a swimmer, surfer or lover […]

Shungite Crystals for EMF Protection, Healing and Grounding

Shungite Crystal Are you a lover of multi-purpose tools? Choosing the right tools in your life to help with different purposes are more useful and cost effective! This includes choosing and working with crystals that work for different issues. There are so many crystals out there and it can be overwhelming on one’s budget. So it’s a […]

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