The word crystal comes from the Greek word, “krystallos”, which means “frozen light”. At Crystal Rock Star, the focus is to awaken your spirit (inner light) with energetic frequencies and vibrational healing. Crystals are energetic tools with mineralogical properties that can be used for physical and emotional healing. The subtle energies within crystals can release you from recurring stress patterns and encourage inner balance.

Consider the natural healing properties of crystals and let your true inner rock star shine through! Scroll down to my blog to learn more about how crystal healing works and then check out the shop and services pages for crystal healing goodies!

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How to Use a Black Amethyst Crystals for Energy Clearing

Black Amethyst Crystals Are Multi-Purpose Healing Tools! Black Amethyst crystals are a deep dark purple amethyst that gets it’s natural color from concentrated hematite and iron inclusions found inside the crystal’s matrix. Amethyst is popularly used for crown opening and third eye intuitive boosting. The hematite and iron elements in black amethyst provide a grounding nature that synergistically creates an all-in-one powerful amethyst crystal! […]

Golden Dolphin of Atlantis – Limited Edition Adoption Sets

Golden Dolphins of Atlantis Finally we are at the last week of Ocean Love month! Thank you for joining me in the ocean themed adventures thus far. So let’s get to it! In the Golden of Age of Atlantis, dolphins interacted and existed with humankind. I’ve had numerous regressions and dreams of dolphins in previous lifetimes. Dolphins transported people […]

Crystal Surfboard Rings to Ride the Waves of Life

Ocean Love Month’s Third Week Release: Crystal Surfboard Rings Rock the aloha spirit and throw your surfer shaka hand symbol (see me below) while rockin’ a crystal surfboard ring! These surfer inspired rings help you glide through the waves of life with their energetic protection! I only have 7 limited quantity crystal surfboard rings for seven special crystal […]

Adopt a Baby Crystal Dolphin

Ocean Love Month’s Second Week Release: Adopt a Baby Crystal Dolphin Adopt your own labradorite baby dolphin! I have a pod of beautiful baby dolphins that are looking for new homes. These precious crystal totems will bring you energetic protection and love! When you adopt a baby dolphin, you will also receive 3 baby starfish friends, along with a genuine […]

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